Hey! Welcome to Being Betic. This is a blog where I hope to spill out all of my betic (diabetic/diabetes) wins, loses, and frustrations. Check out my about me to find out more about me. Slowly, but surely, I’ll filling this blog in with more “ME” so be on the lookout. Also, check the disclaimer out; while I would love to improve your life with sugeestions, PLEASE check with your doctor first before changing your treatment plan.

Let’s see how life is while Being Betic!



Step by Step, Day by Day

Well my workouts aren’t going as I would like them, just due to life, but I am still trying to make progress even if it’s little. Every little step I make gets me closer to where I want to be and that’s all that counts!

So I haven’t been working out as frequently as I would like, but my progress so far has been that I am able to run for a longer period of time without getting fatigued!!! Honestly with Dr. Hubby (he’s not really a doctor lol) being a personal trainer I should be doing better but, I have to step up to that plate first. Like I said step by step, day by day.

Also, I did my first type one run meet! It was nice and really forced me to get a bit serious. The lady who is over my chapter was really nice ad dealt with my awkwardness, as I don’t do people well. It was nice to be able to meet with another type one for more than just a second and enjoy brunch! I really hope this is the start of something great and keeps me active in the community!


It’s a new week. Let’s be great, rock these sugars, and get a move on things!

Getting Active!

I’ve been getting active, and I mean that in more than one way! Like I said before, since December I have been really wanting to get more active in the t1d community and take control over my diabetes. I’ve also been trying to be more physically active.

I am super excited in how active I have been in the t1d instagram community. I am starting to make new diabuddies and learn about opportunities and how others make it through this struggle called diabetes. I have been really trying to find type one diabetics in the Savannah area, but it’s kind of difficult when you don’t know where to start.

Luckily I follow a page called Diabetic Running Podcast where I learned about Type One Run, an organization who’s mission is “To improve and enrich the lives of all those touched by Type 1 diabetes through running and community engagement.” Let me tell you my excitement when I found out about this group! I did get a little discouraged at first when I found out there wasn’t a Savannah chapter yet. The thought crossed my mind to start one up myself, but I didn’t want to do the organization a disservice if I couldn’t be consistent. About a week or two later I see that there is a Savannah chapter! I joined their Facebook group and find out that they have a couch to 5k running program.

So hopefully I can find me some running diabuddies in my area! It would be nice to have someone who can relate on a personal level! The program begins tomorrow and is 6 weeks long. I will try my best to post weekly updates. Wish me luck as I try to be awesome lol. I also linked a photo of the program , the Facebook link for the program, as well as a little more information from the group below if any one wants to do it as well.

Type One Run: Couch to 5K

“Designed with T1D trainer Cliff Scherb from Tristar Athletes @tristarathletes featuring workouts from diabetic health coach Lauren Bongiorno @lauren_bongiorno this beginners 6 week couch to 5K program will easily get you across the finish line.”


It’s Been A While Mr. Endo…

Whelp, yesterday I had my first endocrine appointment in almost a year, I think it was actually 11 months. You might ask “Well, why would you not see your endo in that long?” The answer is simply that it was expensive, it was intimidating, and appointments were only like ten minutes long.
For ten minutes I didn’t feel like it was worth the 2 hundred odd something dollars, especially when I can make the same simple changes that he makes. Also, which may have been a reason to keep going was that it gave me somebody to be accountable to.

The Appointment:
Well I wouldn’t be surprised if my kidneys are leaking more protein than they previously were. In the past, when I first headed off to my second year in college, my pediatric endo told me I had a high amount of protein in my urine. So my new endo in my new city placed me on lisinopril to keep a handle on, and possibly reverse, any  damages. Well, I’m horrible at taking pills, but tried to do my best to take them. Within the past 6 months my primary care physician took me off that medicine and put me on losartan due to my ADHD medicine increasing my blood pressure. Well the losartan that was prescribed was what I considered a high dose, and I was having dizziness and light headiness spells. Well he fixed that problem and represcribed  the lisinopril. Hopefully I’ll get those results back soon and they will be OK and hopefully when I go back the protein leakage will be under control.

The other big thing that went on at my appointment was of course my Hba1c. While it isn’t the best, it is definitely OK considering the burnout I’ve been dealing with…..So that puts me at an Hba1c of 8.9%! It’s backwards from my 8.5% back in February 2017, but like I said it could be worse.  So My goal, which I don’t know if it may be a huge stretch is to get my a1c down between 6.5-7.0%.

We’ll see, it’ll be difficult but I can do it!


I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated!

Happy New Year

Hey y’all, Happy New Year! (I know, I know) It’s been a good little minute since I’ve posted last. Let’s just say I put this page and everything else, including my diabetes, on the back burner. It wasn’t the best, but I was riding the waves that life gave me. Luckily, I didn’t self destruct (nobody but GOD)!

But, now I am rededicating my self to this page, my health, my sanity, and the entire type 1 diabetes community! I would say that this is my resolution for 2018 but I suck at those. I will say it’s more so of a goal of mine, for I do have an end goal in sight. So far I have been doing pretty good; I’ve actually started using my Instagram page Being_Betic, created a Twitter CeeTheBetic, and resurrected my Tumblr Ceethebetic. I haven’t gone more than 2 days without being active so I have faith that I can stay active on Being Betic.

Another goal I have is to have an a1c lower than 7%. Right now my a1c s 8.5%. I see my Endo in 2 weeks, so we’ll see how I’m doing then. I’m not feeling to good about it, just because of the burnout I was experiencing.

I even got a new pump! I made the switch from the medtronic 530g to he 670g! I don’t have my sensors yet, but I’m not too stressed for I have to be sure I’m not gonna get lazy once I get the cgm! This is a process I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on!


Also, I know I posted about running a half marathon…..well I COMPLETED IT!!!!! I believe it took me about 3 hours and 28ish minutes! It wasn’t my goal time, but I did finish and I wasn’t the last to cross the finish line. I was soo proud of myself, even though it was hard and I didn’t perform how I wanted to, i signed up for another half marathon in April. I will actually be keeping my training updated here! I also did a bridge run as well!

While I was gone I also finished my first semester of my Diagnostic Medical Sonography program with 2 A’s and 2 B’s! I don’t think I have ever done that well in my entire college career or even high school. I think I am going to start a series looking back on my first semester and my new upcoming semester.

All in all I have exciting things coming my way, and I can’t wait to share it with my #diabuddies both new and old! Life has been good but it’s going to get better in 2018. I can feel it. I know God has an awesome plan for me and my family.

Full Basket

I want so badly for this blog, Being Betic, to be a thing. But I keep falling short on my commitment to the page. I keep asking myself why. Is it because of the 2 jobs I’m working? Maybe it’s due to being tired? Or it might have to do with the lack of ideas on posts? It would be so much easier if any of the above was my reasoning, but to be honest it more so to do with doing too much at one time and laziness.

I have a notebook with a few blog post, not enough to keep me running forever, but enough to cover a month or so. So I know the root of it all is laziness, and partially my depression. Often times when my depression has the best of me all I want to do is eat, sleep, and watch YouTube. When I am on the up-and-up, I make all of these goals for myself that should keep me going. Currently those goals include running this blog, running a half marathon, being the best betic I can be, being a super wife, working a part-time and full-time job, and becoming a registered diagnostic medical sonographer (RDMS).

All of these goals are a lot to handle at one time, but are not impossible to do. I get to looking at my basket of goals and get overwhelmed and discouraged. This then in turns puts me back into my low points. I have to look at and take things one step at a time. Mark my words:

  • I will commit to Being Betic.
  • I will not only run this half marathon but I will complete it in less than 3 hours.
  • I will Support my husband as best as I can.
  • I will work my ass off so that I can complete my career goals.
  • I will work to support my family without killing myself.
  • I will be the best betic I can be so that I can live a healthy life and reach my ultimate goal of making some mini-mes!

My goal for Being Betic is to post at the very least weekly on my school life, medical life, or fitness.


So you want to be a sonographer…

So a portion of this blog is going to be following my journey as I work to becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer. So with that I thought I would talk a little bit more about that. 

Recently the question of why I want to be in the medical field has been coming up a lot. I believe that my biggest influence comes from the many times my type 1 diabetes has led me to doctor visits and hospital trips. During those times I came in contact with many healthcare professionals who inspired me to want to help others.

So with that inspiration my plan is to go from being a Certified Nursing Assistant to a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. After that I want to become a Certified Nurse Midwife and possibly get a masters in Public Health. Right now I think I am going to try and get registered in abdominal and ob/gyn sonographer, but we’ll see.

I hope to document this process because I know that once I got accepted into my program it was hard to find other people who talked about their process, whether on YouTube, blogs,or other social media sites. So I’m going to so others can have up to date information.

Overly Ambitious?

So at the beginning of the month, I was watching this BuzzFeed video and it gave me the motivation and push to get up off of my ass. In case you don’t feel like watching the video here’s a quick overview: Michelle Khare takes on a challenge with BuzzFeed where she trains for a marathon in 10 weeks. Yes, I said TEN WEEKS. For those who don’t know a marathon is 26.2 miles. TWENTY-SIX point TWO miles in TEN weeks.

There were a couple times where Michelle had these breakdowns forcing her to evaluate why she was doing this crazy task. It was in these moments that I was touched by that emotion. Track was something that I did in high school, but by no means was even close to being the best, but somewhere along the line I got lazy. Workouts were less frequent and the pounds started to add on. I use to be slender with a fast metabolism. Now that metabolism has slowed down. Running is usually the only workout that I can halfway stick to and when I find a good rhythm I can find it soothing (at times). Tired of having a daily fight with my self confidence, depression, and anxiety, I told my husband I was going to run a half marathon! Looking at the dates I had six months to train. I figured I can get to running 13.1 miles in 6 months. Michelle did double that in less than half of the time that I have. What could go wrong.

Well I’m committed to this run now because I am already registered so that means I can’t run away from this task unless I want to throw money down the drain. There are times where I wonder if I was too ambitious and am getting in way to deep. Then there are times where I think ‘Girl, you got this’. It is an almost constant battle, but I am accepting the little wins. For now I am just motivated to get some type of workout in almost daily, and that right now is more than enough. I have a little over five months and am able to run the majority of 3 miles. I will be fine and will achieve this goal.

It may be hard. It may suck. I may cry. I may bleed. None of that matters because I WILL cross that finish line.

Well then…

… Well what do I say? It’s been eight months since I posted on this blog. Well let’s be honest, it’s been eight months since I have even looked at this blog. I don’t even know what happened. Let’s just say life happened.

Besides life I guess you can say that this blog itself was daunting. I created to be an outlet to cope, but didn’t realize how much that would take. To me it sounded like my life revolved around diabetes and diabetes was what I am. In reality that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Diabetes is one component of who I am and it doesn’t define me. With that being said, this blog won’t be strictly about my diabetes and pre-pregnancy journey but more so my life journey with diabetes. So look forward to getting to know more about Cee!

Now that I’m back let’s have a quick life update.

  • A1c is an 8.5! (I’ll take any progress)
  • I am headed back to school for sonography this Fall
  • I’m training to run a half marathon this November

I guess those would be the biggest things going on in life right now. Going forward I plan on, and will commit to, posting once a week.

New Beginnings?

Well, today is the FIRST day of me documenting the rest of my life. LOL that sounds almost comedic! What I really mean is today I am starting to use this blog as a means of documentation and to be a resource to others as it pertains to having better care and management of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).

If you haven’t read my about me yet, long story short is I am now starting to take control of this chronic illness and also attempting to conceive my first child (not just yet though). So this is my way of holding myself accountable, finding others in my situation, making friends, and hopefully being a help to others. It seems to be difficult to find other T1D who blog or vlog their experiences, especially when it comes to pregnancy.


Well I hope you all are ready for this rollercoaster that type one diabetes has for me. Like i said I more so want to create a bond with other diabetics so feel free to talk/comment/e-mail. I would love to meet more ‘betes buddies.

So cheers to Being Betic!